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GB Eyeblack was created by a professional athlete for all athletes. We're all about pro-level gear that allows you to focus on the game, not the glare.

Image by Josh Hemsley


It all started with a need: effective eyeblack without the mess.

Brad Markey started Glare Blockers Eyeblack — or GB Eyeblack — at a young age with his dad. He loved the look of eyeblack but hated the mess. They found a better solution and 12 years later, after graduating with his business degree and being drafted by the Chicago Cubs, Brad decided to bring his eyeblack design to the market. 


His teammates tested the eyeblack, helping him settle on the perfect formulation that is safe on the skin and lasts longer than the competitors. He patented the technology and GB Eyeblack was born.

GB Eyeblack was designed for champions like you – the hardworking, dedicated athletes who leave it all on the field.


Today, our mission is to equip athletes and fans with high-quality gear that enhances performance and style. We believe that every athlete deserves to focus on the game, not the glare. That's why we offer superior, long-lasting athletic eyeblack that stays put even during intense competition, eliminating the smearing and discomfort of traditional greases.


We've recently expanded our glare-reducing performance gear to include GB MAGS, the ultimate glare-blocking athletic sunglasses with three quick-switch magnetic lenses.

Whether you're a fearless football player charging through defenders, a powerful baseball hitter launching home runs, a swift softball player stealing bases or a fierce lacrosse competitor scoring goals, GB Eyeblack has got your back.

Image by Joshua Allwood


Dope sunglasses. Perfect for baseball and disc golf.

- Dylan Cease
Chicago White Sox
2022 2nd Place Cy Young Voting
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We expanded our performance gear to include GB MAGS Athletic Sunglasses, the ultimate game-changers for athletes who refuse to settle for anything less than extraordinary.


With revolutionary Magnetic Frame Technology, GB MAGS allows you to effortlessly switch between three high-performance lenses, adapting to the ever-changing demands of your sport. From the blazing sun on the baseball diamond to the challenging low-light conditions on the football field, GB MAGS has you covered, ensuring optimal vision and razor-sharp clarity.

Designed with athletes in mind, GB MAGS provides a secure and comfortable fit to stay in place during intense activities.


Unleash your full potential with GB MAGS unrivaled UV protection and glare elimination. Experience the freedom to focus without the harsh distractions of the sun, allowing you to stay locked in on your game, no matter the intensity. Crystal-clear optics and enhanced visual acuity provide a distinct advantage, helping you anticipate movements, react swiftly, and outperform your opponents.

Crafted with the relentless athlete in mind, GB MAGS boasts a secure and comfortable fit that never quits. The lightweight yet durable frame, forged from premium materials, ensures unrivaled resilience and long-lasting performance, empowering you to dominate on the field with confidence.



GB MAGS are some BADA** sunglasses! I like the easy lens swap. I can switch them quickly between innings.

—Wynton Bernard
Colorado Rockies
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